Monday, April 14, 2014

Tesla, Gigafactory, the global lithium race

Tesla’s bet on winning the global lithium race: ".... If Tesla can secure its lithium and other raw materials at the right cost, then the math underpinning the Gigafactory becomes a lot more solid. And if the Gigafactory does pay off for Tesla, it would not only vastly increase its reach into the electric vehicle market but catapult it to the top of the lithium-ion battery supply chain as well. "There's no question that this is an incredible risky business move by Tesla," Jaffe said. "They're bringing a tremendous amount of risk to their business by doing this. But that's what makes them such an exciting company to watch. You've got a huge company with a stellar brand that's essentially risking it all to shoot for the stars." Or if not the stars, maybe at least the lithium-rich Bolivian salt flats at 12,000 feet above sea level."

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