Monday, February 10, 2014

Toyota says fuel-cell car has 310-mile range

CES 2014: Toyota says fuel-cell car has 310-mile range: "... The FCV promises a 310 mile range between fill-ups, room for four passengers, and a refuel time of just three minutes. Unlike a pure electric vehicle, there's no waiting for a battery to recharge. Promised top speed is over 100 mph, and zero-to60-mile-per-hour times are about 10 seconds. The FCV's propulsion system is small enough to fit beneath the seats, and two high-pressure hydrogen tanks save space and lower costs. Many components are shared with Toyota's hybrid drivetrain. "We estimate a 95% cost reduction the powertrain and fuel tanks of the vehicle we will launch in 2015 when you compare that to what it cost for us to build the original Highlander Fuel Cell back in 2002," said Carter..."

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