Monday, December 23, 2013

Chemistry Breakthrough, Fuel a Revolution

A Chemistry Breakthrough That Could Fuel a Revolution - "A Chemistry Breakthrough That Could Fuel a Revolution Now methanol can be made from natural gas and captured carbon dioxide. . . . There is another crippling legacy of this pro-ethanol government policy: Manufacturers of cars for the American market honor their warranties only for vehicles using mandated fuels (gasoline and diesel), which in turn may contain only ethanol as a blend. One means of addressing this inequity would be for Congress to pass the bipartisan Open Fuel Standard Act of 2013, which would put methanol, natural gas, and biodiesel on the same footing as ethanol (but without subsidies and without telling consumers which one to choose) for use in flex-fuel cars. Little is required to achieve the objectives of a healthier environment, stronger economic growth, lower fuel costs and increasing energy independence that new technology and chemistry offer. We don't need to spend new billions of taxpayers' money on subsidies and imports. Federal law should allow other high-quality alternatives to gasoline—including methanol—to compete. If the Obama administration truly wants to do something about carbon dioxide from coal-fired power plants, the solution is as close as the family car."

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