Monday, July 22, 2013

Top British climate scientist on global warming

Why I think we're wasting billions on global warming, by top British climate scientist | Mail Online: "Even on relatively pessimistic estimates, if the sequestered fraction rises at one per cent per 10 billion tonnes, it would be getting on for 20 years before the cost of carbon capture would exceed the £100 per year and rising that the average UK household already pays in assorted windfarm subsidies. The impact on petrol prices is even less dramatic: 50 per cent carbon capture, which we might reach by the 2040s, might add 10p to the cost of a litre of petrol. That’s well under what we already pay in fuel taxes which, we are told, are supposed to help stop climate change. We might eventually decide to build more windfarms, or drive electric cars, or just to reduce our dependence on Russian oil and gas. But if we enforce carbon capture, these will become economic and energy-security decisions, and nothing to do with climate change. So there you have it: one policy, that everyone can agree on, which would actually solve the problem without Brussels bureaucrats dictating what kind of light-bulbs we can buy. Sound good to you?"

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