Tuesday, March 5, 2013

London To Be An Ultra-Low Emission Zone By 2020

London To Be An 'Ultra-Low Emission Zone' By 2020 - Forbes: " . . . since 2008, central London has been a “Low-Emission Zone,” which means that certain diesel-powered trucks, buses and large vans are “deterred” from driving in the city. That’s the way things are now, with 150,000 cars (95,000 of them private vehicles) entering the zone every weekday. Some electrics have plied the streets as taxis, but only in pilot programs. But London Mayor Boris Johnson is planning to rev things up by turning that entire downtown core into an “Ultra-Low Emission Zone,”admitting only battery electrics and unspecified “low-emission vehicles” by 2020. It makes sense, but a lot will depend on how the city defines low emission. Johnson promises more than 1,600 hybrid buses for London by 2016 (330 are driving now). He also wants all of the city’s new black taxis to be zero emission by 2020. . . ."

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